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Sealing your counter-tops is very important in more ways than one! Check out the list below for some of the benefits.
A sealant allows the natural stone to repeal dirt and water, thereby increasing stain resistance. It also penetrates the stone which reduces stain absorption, keeping dirt and staining agents on top of the counter surface rather than seeping into the stone. Sealing is the ultimate key in guaranteeing a stone's lasting beauty. We recommend that this be done every 6 months for maximum protection and preservation of your counters!
A sealant ...
* Helps repeal dirt & water
* Increases stain resistance
* Reduces stain absorption by keeping staining-agents on top of the counter surface.
* Helps prevent future problems with infiltration and water marks on the stone
* Makes cleaning easy so you don't have to use any harsh cleaning chemicals, just soap & water!
* Reduces bacteria that live in the pores of natural stone thus resulting in a more hygienic surface

Don't know if your stone needs to be sealed? Try the good ol' fashioned water test!
1. Pour a small amount of water on your counter-top.
2. If the water beads on the surface, the counter-top does not require another application of the sealant.
3. If the water penetrates the stone, it needs to be sealed.


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